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Behavioral Health Services

A growing body of research suggest a wide range of benefits to both physical and mental health from increased connection with nature. We provide nature-based and equine assisted learning  through skill building services that use the restorative qualities of the natural world and the emerging field of equine assisted activities to promote a sense of improved well-being. We also offer through our partnership with Hopewell Health Centers and in collaboration with their counselors, equine assisted counseling.  Our behavioral health services are offered both as individual and group services. Services are client driven to meet their individual goals and have proven to be effective. If you are struggling with the symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger or would like to improve relationship skills, impulse control ,or self-confidence for example and enjoy the natural setting. These services are reimbursable by all Ohio Medicaid Providers.

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Personal Development

We offer a variety of nature-based and equine experiential services that aid in exploring and learning skills that can be applied to life.  Whether you are seeking to improve your self-awareness for improving quality of life in your personal, professional or family relationship we offer a hands-on, non-judgmental environment over looking the beautiful rolling hills of Meigs County. Common skills learned are: relaxation, confidence, social skills,, respectful relationships, leadership, non-verbal cues, clear communication, intention and improved focus.

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Wellness Workshops/Retreats

We develop patterns of thoughts, communications and actions through the experiences we have encountered throughout a lifetime. At times, these patterns may be exactly what or how you would like them to be, however our needs and interest change as our life progresses. Our wellness workshops and retreats range from 2 hours to 3 days and are designed to allow participants to explore and experience opportunities to reflect on these patterns and possibly try new one. Modalities include but are not limited to: expressive arts projects, equine experiential activities and nature based opportunities to explore transitions in life.

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photo provided by Hocking College Business Professor
Photo provided by Hocking College Business Professor

Specialized Services

We provide a variety of specialized programs and groups throughout the year for youths, adults,  and individuals of all ages. Specialized programs and groups such as, life skills, character education, grieving, team-building and leadership are just a few of the unique groups available to individuals, families, classes, and corporations. We can tailor a program or group to fit your unique needs.

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"From this experience(EFL exercise) I learned that I need to over come my fear of people rejecting my leadership and learn to work with the group, but at the same time demonstrate my leadership skills. Pam Jeffers is wonderful instructor with great insight into the connection between horses and human relationships. I know I've learned two valuable lessons from my experiences at Natural Freedom."
-Nicole, Ohio University Business Student

"My experience with Natural Freedom changed my attitude toward life."

"It was amazing that the horse would only follow someone if that person displayed leadership. To me it seemed as if some people had the leadership and confidence to lead the horse, but the horse knew otherwise and would act accordingly."
-Tim, Ohio University Business Student

"I was really surprised at how in-tune the horse is with your emotions. The horse can tell exactly what you are thinking just by the way you approach and act around that horse. The horse had no faith in following you if you were not prepared to lead."
-James, Ohio University Business Student

"I received instant, honest, and unbiased feedback from the horse. Through the horse I learned my strengths and weaknesses and also about myself. I also learned to visualize what I want to happen and to have a clear path leading toward my goal."