Janessa Bartlett, SSCCJ, ESMHL


Janessa Bartlett is a graduate from Hocking college with a degree in Social Services, Corrections, and Criminal Justice (SSCCJ) with a focus in case management and group works. In fall 2013 she completed 240 hours as an intern with Natural Freedom. In 2015 after graduation she  became a longterm team member as the Program Assistant/ Case Manager. Janessa holds a certification from PATH International in Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning. For many years, she has pursued education in public safety, the helping professions, and victim support/advocacy. She has completed mentorship in Sexual Assault Crisis Response and holds certificates in Disruptive Behavior Management, Crisis Recognition and Management, among others. Janessa has used her time and knowledge of the Ohio Rehabilitation and Corrections system to support individual in building and maintaining positive relationship with themselves and others. She has used this self-developed therapeutic approach to facilitate group sessions behind bars and beyond. At Natural Freedom, Janessa brings her love of horses and people together in partnership  in an effort to promote personal learning, growth , and healing.