Equine Assistant Internship

Check Out what our previous Intern, Janessa, had to say about her internship experience with the Natural Freedom team:
An Internship Experience with Natural Freedom by Janessa

Description: We are offering an unpaid internship position for summer of 2016 as an Equine Assistant Intern at Natural Freedom Wellness Center. Natural Freedom is a holistic environment to provide individuals activities and services to explore a healthy connection to mind, body and spirit. Our mission statement is: “To provide  nature-based and equine-facilitated opportunities in a relaxed environment for experiential learning, growth and healing.” Services include nature-based counseling, life skills through nature and/or equine activities, and wellness retreats to name a few. We are seeking someone that will have hands-on experience our summer equine programs as well as in the management, continuous training and care of the equine partners at Natural Freedom. This individual's major does not need to be equine studies however, they must have previous equine experience. This individual must be able to maintain confidentiality of all clients, pass a BCI and FBI background check, have reliable transportation and must be 18 or older.

Responsibilities: Duties include but not limited to the following; assisting Natural Freedom staff in un-mounted equine facilitated learning sessions as well as mounted, hippotherapy sessions and other programs. Assist in tasks such as: feeding, mucking, turn out, medical needs, grooming, schooling, and training of horses.

Required Skills
• Solid knowledge of horse handling and safety
• Comfortable working with variety of age groups including individuals with disabilities.
• Ability to work closely in a team.
• Ability to work in a flexible and “out of the box” thinking environment
• Knowledge of basic training & horsemanship: i.e. walk, jog/ trot, lope/canter
• Ability to lift hay bales and feed bags
• Willingness to be involved in all maintenance and care tasks, such as farrier and vet visits.
• Strong work ethic; ability to “multi-task”
• Time management and organizational skills

Benefits: Receive class credit and have the opportunity to learn a variety of equine assisted therapies such as hippotherapy, equine facilitated learning and equine assisted counseling, learn the ins and outs of a small and growing equine business, and experience community partnerships coming together.

Application Deadline: Due by April 29, 2016

Process: Please send your resume via email or postal mail with attention to LaTicia Jeffers. Upon review of your resume we will contact you to schedule an interview.

Any questions, please feel free to call us at (740)698-6031 or
email us at: naturalfreedomohio@gmail.com

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